Wilington Air Park buildings

Ample Aviation Manufacturing & Hangar Space

This fully functional airport includes two runways, Jet A fuel facilities and five ramps.  The airport is capable of landing aircraft as large as a 747-class aircraft.  Hangar sites and limited hangar space is available at the airport.  In addition, the Wilmington Air Park includes an array of warehouse, manufacturing and office space.  There are 8 industrial facilities that range from 74,000 square feet to 1.1 million square feet with ceilings height of 17 feet to 62 feet.  Ample dock doors and drive-ins allow for high capacity trucking needs.  Many of the facilities include adjacent office space.  A recently built Class A administrative building provides 104,000 square feet of multi-tenant office space.  Ample parking for completed inventory, trailer staging, and employee parking is available throughout the facility.